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09 April 2019

Bahrain Airport Company records surge in passengers and cargo during Formula One Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix 2019

A total of 5,077 passengers travelled through Bahrain International Airport (BIA) in the build up to the 2019 Formula One (F1) Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix, a 14 per cent spike compared to the previous year, BIA’s operator and managing body, Bahrain Airport Company (BAC) announced. In addition, more than 1,564 tonnes of race-related cargo was processed, a 23 per cent increase from 2018. All F1 operations at BIA were executed smoothly and efficiently, which reflects the effective strategic planning and collaborative efforts of all involved parties.

In total, 19 cargo flights arrived at BIA during the build up to the race weekend, carrying the race cars themselves, spare parts, computer equipment, tools, and thousands of litres of fuel and oil. Upon arrival, the cargo was screened by customs and stored in the airport’s 25,000m² Cargo Terminal, operated by Bahrain Airport Services (BAS), before being delivered to Bahrain International Circuit for the race.

Air Bridge Cargo, Cargolux, Emirates, Cathay Pacific, Atlas Air, Qantas Air, Singapore Airlines, and Aerotrans Airlines operated flights to the Kingdom specifically for the F1. In addition, BIA accommodated 102 VIP/CIP movements with 52 aircraft in total. Special arrangements were also made to accommodate up to 30 private jets at the same time.

BAC Chief Airport Operations Officer, Michael Hohenberger, said: “This surge in flights, passengers, and cargo demonstrates the airport’s capability to handle large volumes of traffic, which will increase even further when the new Passenger Terminal Building launches later this year. BAC is proud to have contributed to the success of this incredibly important annual event, which has a huge impact on the local economy and provides a platform to showcase the Kingdom’s renowned hospitality on a global scale. With the support of our partners in the private and public sectors, we have proven once again that we are up to the challenge.”

The airport had earlier undergone special preparations to welcome the influx of international visitors and to accommodate the requirements of the teams and cargo arriving for the race. Preparations were finalised through coordination committee meetings attended by senior representatives of BIC, Immigration and Passport Control, Customs Affairs, Airport Police from the Ministry of Interior (MoI), Gulf Air; BAS, and Bahrain Limo.