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Before you leave to fetch an arriving passenger from the airport, it is handy to find out whether their flight is arriving on schedule or will it be delayed.


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Arrival Date:
Today (26 Aug)
Tomorrow (27 Aug)

Current time in Bahrain is 03:29 AM
Last updated at 03:25 AM

For more information, please contact the information desk at 80007777(Local), 80114444(International).

Please note:
The information shown here is not verified for accuracy or completeness and thus may prove to be inaccurate or incomplete. If you require further information, it is recommended that you contact your airline directly.

Arrival Time Origin Flight Number Airline Status Notification
08:20 Muscat GF561 GULF AIR - Notify Me
08:20 Mangalore IX889 AIR INDIA EXPRESS - Notify Me
08:25 Multan GF789 GULF AIR - Notify Me
08:25 Chennai GF069 GULF AIR - Notify Me
08:45 Dubai EK837 EMIRATES AIRLINES - Notify Me
08:45 Sialkot GF773 GULF AIR Early Notify Me
08:55 Addis Ababa ET1070 ETHIOPIAN AIRLINES Cancelled
08:55 Addis Ababa GF706 GULF AIR Cancelled
09:00 Lahore GF765 GULF AIR - Notify Me
09:30 Abu Dhabi EY371 ETIHAD AIRWAYS - Notify Me
09:30 Muscat WY651 OMAN AIR - Notify Me
09:30 Abu Dhabi GF5171 GULF AIR - Notify Me
10:10 Kannur IX789 AIR INDIA EXPRESS - Notify Me
10:35 Dubai GF503 GULF AIR - Notify Me
10:45 Dubai EK2351 EMIRATES AIRLINES - Notify Me
10:45 Dubai FZ081 FLY DUBAI - Notify Me
11:35 Dammam GF104 GULF AIR - Notify Me
12:00 Kochi IX473 AIR INDIA EXPRESS - Notify Me
12:10 Moscow GF013 GULF AIR Cancelled
12:40 Abu Dhabi GF543 GULF AIR - Notify Me

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