Transit Facility

Bahrain International Airport assures its passengers a hustle free transit time. With our close utility’s and services all you need is few minutes to go around and chose from our International brands and one of a kind experience.

Please follow the bellow Information’s to assure yourself a smooth  connecting flight.

Transit Guide
  • Make sure you know which Gate your next flight is departing from.
  • Double check the amount of time you have until your next flight departs - see Departures information for updates on your flight status, including delays.
  • If you have more than four hours, you may want to consider leaving the airport and exploring some of Bahrain’s famous tourist attractions.
  • If you have four hours or less you can enjoy our Duty free shops or  get some rest and sleep, , pamper yourself with a leisurely meal or unwind in one of our airport lounges.
International Connections
Transit is easy through Bahrain International Airport..

Where to go once you land at Bahrain International Airport After landing and if your luggage is checked all the way through to your next destination, simply follow the signs to the Transit Desk.

If you need to collect your luggage, proceed to the Baggage hall and then pass through Immigration and Customs. You will then need to go to the Departures area for the airline with which you are travelling and check-in again.

Walking from the first to the last gate at Bahrain International Airport should not take you more than 20 minutes.

Short time transit

Bahrain International Airport understands the importance of the transit waiting period for its passengers and to serve them best we made sure all passengers can enjoy their stay and experience the best available services in any airport.

  • You won't require a transit visa at Bahrain International Airport if you are staying with-in the airport Departure terminal.
  • The airport provides relaxing seating areas in front of all the departure gates designed specifically for your ease during transit hours.
  • for business and  leisure travelers Bahrain International Airport provides top of the range lounges to provide the best customer services any travelers need to enjoy their Airport time spent. This will include refreshing showers, watch TV or enjoy 5-star food, even if you’re not flying First or Business Class. Find out about what these lounges offer and their reasonable walk-in rates.
  • catch up on lost sleep.
  • Browse a wide selection of international and Middle Eastern brands in our world class Duty Free shops.
  • Buy your favorite magazine, newspaper or book and relax in a café. Browse our bookshops and restaurants here.
  • Enjoy the free WiFi connection available anywhere in the airport or make use of the free Internet kiosks.
Long time transit

If you have more than 6 hours of transit time you can use that time to enjoy Kingdom cities and site enjoy some remarkable site seeing. All you need to do is to apply for a Visit visa.

Your airline should be able to arrange your transit visa for you prior to your journey. Please check with your airline well ahead of your trip to ensure this is possible. If not, visit our Immigration & Visas page to find out how you can apply for a visit visa and check the terms and conditions.

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