Executive Management

Bahrain Airport Company has a history of strong leadership. Discipline and commitment is applied towards managing each section to maintain sustainable advantages. Learn more about our senior management.

"Mohamed is responsible for the overall performance of Bahrain Airport Company."

Mohamed Al Binfalah

Chief Executive Officer

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"Mohammed is responsible for preparing plans to further enhance the operational standards and efficiency of the airport. "

Mohammed Thamir

Chief Airport Operating Officer

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"Abdulla is primarily responsible for all infrastructure development and maintenance of assets owned by the company.."

Abdulla Janahi

Chief Development and Technical Officer

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"Mohamed is responsible for company’s commercial standing  and marketing Bahrain International Airport to broader audiences. "

Mohamed Khalil

Chief Commercial Officer

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"Gordon is primarily responsible for managing the implementation and delivery of strategic plans and business improvements "

Gordon A. Stewart

Chief Support Services Officer

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"Huda oversees and guides all financial activities of the company"

Huda Abdulrasool Al-Zeera

Vice President - Finance

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"Najwa plans and executes the ICT strategy focusing on performance, efficiency and service quality"

Najwa Abdulrahim

Vice President - Information Communication Technology

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"Hind oversees the overall provision of Human Resources Strategies, policies, and programs for the entire company"

Hind Mahmood

Vice President - Human Resource and Administration

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"Nayla carries out internal audit work on the functional departments of Bahrain Airport Company"

Nayla A. Asgharali

Director – Audit, Internal Audit department

Nayla A. Asgharali joined Bahrain Airport Company as Internal Auditor in October 2010, with the primary responsibility of setting up the Audit Department, including developing the charter as well as audit policies, procedures and programmes for the company.

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"Husain is responsible for the overall communication strategies for BAC"

Husain Rasool

Manager – Corporate Communications

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"Fayyaz is responsible for writing, reviewing, and executing agreements and contracts for and on behalf of BAC "

Fayyaz Mahmood

General Counsel

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