Gordon A. Stewart

Chief Support Services Officer


Formerly, Vice President of Strategy Implementation for over 7 years, Gordon Stewart is currently Chief Support Services Officer and is responsible for supporting the functions of Finance, IT, HR, Supply along with business processes.


Over the years, Gordon has witnessed BAC’s dynamic growth, modernization and progress - a journey he is truly proud of being a part of. His experience of working with multinationals like IBM and Compaq has guided and influenced his own unique doctrine: The best way to modernise a company is to invest in your staff. Not only does he possess an astute eye for selecting great talent, he also has a strong intuition when it comes to matching the right people for the organization. The trick, he reveals, is to know that it is a two-way process and to provide as much information as possible.


Passionate about growing the aviation community, Gordon tirelessly contributes to the development of the airport on a daily basis. He is also actively involved in developing the new airport terminal, which once ready, will be 4 times the size of the current one. Gordon and the team are extremely positive that their efforts will lead to a larger capacity and enhanced customer experiences.


For someone who holds a rather serious role at BAC, Gordon has a great sense of humour that helps him keep the immense pressure of running an airport under a tight lid. He attributes his great organisational skills and OCD-like meticulousness to his terrible memory.


A tree-hugger, a keen listener and a man of impeccably high standards and values, Gordon doesn’t jump to conclusions but is always open to new ideas. While often drawing parallels to the friendliness of Scotland, he admires Bahrain’s relaxed culture, its hardworking and hospitable people and the importance of education in society. An eternal student himself, Gordon believes constant learning is the only way forward.


When he is not busy with work, he enjoys playing golf, rugby, exercising and spending time with his family and beautiful dog.