Leena Faraj

Vice President - Strategy Implementation and Business Improvement

Playing a pivotal role for strategy implementation, business improvement and ensuring overall standards of quality, Leena is also responsible for the PMO (Project Management Office) as any project that requires funding awaits her stamp of approval. Her role includes setting targets, measuring performance against targets and even creating initiatives to meet those targets effectively. When it comes to portfolio project management, Leena and her team are involved in governing the process, decision-making and reporting to key stakeholders for Capital and OPEX projects.

With such a multi-faceted and investigative role, Leena believes it has been an interesting challenge with a steep learning curve. Identifying potential and unlocking opportunities to overcome obstacles while analysing the impact of one decision on another is a challenge that drives her every day. However, the bit that she is most excited about is the fact that it is not about individuals but about being so closely involved in designing the future of a country.

She comes on board with a repertoire of experience having worked with American Express, Trust international and EDB. As a graduate in Business Administration and Human Resource Management alongside an Airport Strategic Management Diploma from IATA, Leena’s motto in life is to keep it changing and never get bored. Her success story at BAC has been no different. Hired to cover an HR manager’s role, her project management and structuring ability cemented her position in a more integral role at BAC.

A constant seeker of knowledge, she expects her team to challenge the status quo at all times and is full of praises when it comes to describing them. She has carefully selected and moulded a bunch of ambitious, solution-oriented minds that think out of the box. While it’s her great team that keeps her going, her family life takes top priority at home. Much to her amusement, her 10-year old son is a rather opinionated and humorous young mind with a taste for all things exclusive. When she is not hitting targets at work, you will find Leena spending time with her family in their beautiful home in Oxford, horse-riding, swimming or even clay pigeon shooting at the shooting range!